Saturday, 12 January 2013

Female Education Department Job 2013 Abbottabad For Teacher, Hostel Warden

Female Education Department Job  2013 Abbottabad For Teacher, Hostel Warden

ü  Role OF Job IN Our LIFE
Ø  1.The importance of job is very essential for me. anybody should have money for live .with money u cann't do anything.if u should money u will have a job.
Ø  2.Job is essential as it gives us a  social status it tellsus where we lie in this competitive world .And when it rewards us with handsome perks and promotion we eventually attain confidence.
Ø  3. Life without work is not possible. We spend most of our time at work, our position at work shows where we are heading and where we are now. It's your identity. For some it's just be a means of earning, but for some others it is a means to make a difference - for himself/herself and the organization. It's learning everyday. Learning doesn't stop with college - it continues at work, in life till we all are near to our own graves. Work is something where we constantly discover ourself, our potential & our limit of taking up more responsibilities.
Ø  4. As far as my concern, today job is very important factor of our life. With job we can do every thing in our life. I mean we can fulfill our desire…we earn money…we do sumthing for our family….last but not least…we also earn confidence coz if  u have confidence than u can do every thing
Ø  5. job, it is the way through a man and woman can earn his living status and imrove their skills. it is the main part of every human to work with any organzation for earn the money and spend their living things.
Ø  6.Job is essential for each and every individual in this world.It depends on you what type of job you choose.some people do any kind of job to survive in this world but some people especially go to a particular field or job because they are interested in it.They want to utilize their skills to help Doctors,Engineers,software programmers etc.

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