Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Nokia Lumia 820 Review How To See

Nokia Lumia 820 Review How To See

The Lumia 820 is the midrange account of Nokia's top-notch Windows Phone 8 handset, with wireless charging, Amoled screen, unsettled cover and eight-megapixel camera.It's on sale now for approximately £380.

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Looking very comparable to the high-end Lumia 920, the 820 go down a few skin tone along with the cost, but still deliver full-fat Windows Phone 8 while still leave-taking room for some modify in your pocket.Like its cousin it's full of chunks and important (though a smidgeon lighter and thinner) but this one is on hand with unreliable covers in poles apart colours to ensemble your bad temper there's also a uneven version considered. 

You don't get any emergency bags as usual, though, so you'll need to shell out extra for them. Like the 920, the usual case permits wireless charge, though you'll need to buy Nokia's charge plate to rest it on.Removable case also means not fixed battery, as it happens, and below you'll find a slot for your SIM card, and for the first time we've seen on a Windows phone, a microSD card slot so you can knock up the 8GB of onboard reminiscence by up to 64GB.

The screen isn't quite up there with the 920's HD put on show but it's a 4.5-inch AMOLED with a decision of 800x480 pixels -- not super-sharp perhaps, but absolutely capable of giving a good account of web pages or viewing movies, even if they're not HD. It's very susceptible too, and like the 920 you can use it even when you're exhausting gloves.

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