Saturday, 13 October 2012

iOS 6 Turn-By-Turn Navigation How To Use

iOS 6 Turn-By-Turn Navigation How To Use iOS 6 bring many new skin to the table. The new Maps app is going to be a big step up for Apple. the length of with the new 3D Flyover characteristic, iOS 6 Maps has turn-by-turn direction-finding. ensure it out as we go hands on… generally the turn-by-turn works cute well. I haven’t had the likelihood to use it full scale whilst roving, but it without doubt does the job just about town. The outline is clean, and the vocal orders are lucid and true. Check out the video. In case you’re wonder, Siri’s voice is what you’ll hear throughout the navigation. I also notice that when you security device the iPhone, the instructions and navigation will carry on and show up on the lock screen. Pretty cool right? Also, if you way out out to the home screen the navigation will carry on, and a teal banner will come into view at the top to inform you that the navigation is still happening.Turn-by-turn navigation in iOS 6 is the trait I’ve been coming up for. I’m glad Apple to conclude stepped up and implement it this time in the region of.

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